Gummy Bear Slushee Jelly Slime

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Gummy Bear Slushee Jelly Slime
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Yes I'm a Gummy Bear, Yes I'm a Gummy Bear... Yes I'm a Yummy Yummy Yummy Yummy Gummy Bear!

This Slime was inspired by the hit Gummy Bear song on youtube!

This Jelly Slime is beautifully marbled with an array of vibrant rainbow colors and has a special charm bag that includes holographic glitter and 4 large gummy bear charms! Each Slime has been scented like a sweet & fruity gummy bear slushee with notes of mango, lime, nectarine & pineapple. It smells refreshing & sweet!

Please Note : During shipping this Slime may mix up and the colors may appear slightly different than photo. We do our best to prevent this by packing this Slime right before it leaves our facility but please take this into consideration before purchasing. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review