Pizza Fries DIY Slime Kit

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Pizza Fries DIY Slime Kit
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Create the most mouth watering Slime with our Pizza Fries DIY Slime Kit! It comes with everything you need to recreate this Slimey masterpiece from home. Included in this fun kit is a large portion of Pizza Sauce Clear Slime, 2 oz of Mozzarella Cheese Butter Slime and a healthy array of Pizza topping Charms! Have fun layering all the pieces together and then dipping and pulling the cheesy fries from the sauce. Each Slime is scented exactly like real Pizza! 

Included In This Kit

8 oz Pizza Sauce Clear Slime

2 oz Mozzarella Cheese Butter Slime

Faux Parmesan Cheese & Herbs

8 French Fries Charms

Pepperoni Fimo Slices

Black Olive Slice Charms

Green Bell Pepper Charms

Mushroom Fimo Slices

Red Onion Fimo Slices




Customer Reviews

No reviews yet Write a review