Soft Pretzel & Cheezy Goo Slime Duo

Soft Pretzel & Cheezy Goo Slime Duo
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There's nothing more satisfying than a warm, fluffy soft pretzel dipped into ooey-gooey cheese. How about replicating that in a Slime and now you can live your best life! We were able to replicate the look of a real soft pretzel but in clay form, even the "salt" will fool your eyes! You can take your` soft pretzel and dip it inside the included 8 oz of Cheezy Goo Slime and once combined it creates a fluffy, chewy like consistency that smells as delicious as it looks! Each Soft Pretzel & Cheezy Goo Slime is scented just like a REAL soft pretzel with notes of warm dough, buttery browned crust & salty goodness. And the Cheezy Goo is scented with a blend of creamy milk, cheddar cheese & salt!

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