Hey slimers! Our loyalty program is better than ever! Now, you have even more ways to earn and redeem your points, plus get access to exclusive offers and more.

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When will I receive my points once I’ve placed an order?


Points are added to your account 14 days from when your order is paid. Points won’t be awarded to orders that are cancelled or refunded within this two week period.

Can I use a discount code with a redeem gift card?


Yes, you can enter a discount code into the discount field at checkout once you’ve redeemed your gift card reward.

Where can I see my points balance and rewards?


Create a customer account and log into your account. From the customer portal, click on ‘My Rewards’. You can also redeem rewards from ‘My Rewards’.

What happened to my points from before?


We’ve created a more exciting and rewarding loyalty program, and ensured that accounts with a points balance have the same balance as before.