8 Hearts Collection - 8 Unique Slimes

8 Hearts Collection - 8 Unique Slimes
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We wanted a way to highlight our best selling Slime textures & scents in one box and we did that with the 8 Hearts Collection! Every Slime in this collection is texturally different from one another and highly scented to give you a multi sensory experience. This is an great way to sample so many of our Slimes for an amazing price and this also makes the most Kawaii gift ever for a special loved one. 

Each Heart Container includes 1.5 oz of Slime for a total of 12 oz

Included in this Collection:

  • Kawaii Seafood Glossy Slime
  • Wildberry Milkshake Butter Slay Slime
  • Unicake Cloud Slime
  • Tutti Frutti Glossy Slime
  • Honey Dew Melon Cloud Slime
  • Banana Milkshake Creamy Butter Slime
  • Cantaloupe Creme Gloss Slime
  • I Love Cookies Glossy Milk Slime


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