Color Shifting Unicake Cloud Slime

Color Shifting Unicake Cloud Slime
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ATTN! We gave this Slime a new scent makeover for the Spring/Summer, its scented like a sweet, fresh & fruity Rainbow Sherbet!

This Slime is so pretty and fun, perfect for a special someone's birthday! It's made with color shifting dye which produces a periwinkle blue Slime when it's sitting but once you start playing with this Slime it turns lavender! Its scented like sweet Rainbow Sherbet and has pink sprinkles and topped with a unicorn horn "candle"! 

** Disclaimer - Please be aware that all cloud slimes can leave some sort of instant snow residue on playing surface and hands, if you are uncomfortable with this aspect of Cloud Slimes we recommend you try some of our other Slimes in our shop. 


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