Custom Fishbowl Bead Blends

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Custom Fishbowl Bead Blends
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These custom Fishbowl Blends are so stunning! We gathered the best colors of beads, sprinkles and charms and made custom themed blends for you to add to your Slime! Each container is packed full with beads AND charms! 

Fruit Punch

Red Fishbowl Beads

Mixed Fruit Fimos

Orange, Kiwi & Pineapple Charms


Orange Splash

Orange Fishbowl Beads

Orange Fimo Slices

Orange Segment Charms


Dragonfruit Refresher

Magenta Fishbowl Beads

Dragonfruit Fimo Slices

XL Dragonfruit Charms


Very Berry Bliss

4 Color Fishbowl Beads

Raspberry & Blackberry Charms


Strawbb Kiwi

Pink Fishbowl Beads

Kiwi Fimo Slices

Kiwi Chunk Charms


Watermelon Blitz

Green Fishbowl Beads

Watermelon Fimo Slices

XL Watermelon Charms


Sunny Strawberry

Yellow Fishbowl Beads

Strawberry Fimo Slices

Lemon & Strawberry Charms


Blue Lagoon

2 Color Fishbowl Beads

Pineapple & Cherry Charms


Customer Reviews

No reviews yet Write a review