Grab Bag Charms Assorted Styles

Grab Bag Charms Assorted Styles
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Grab a bag of cute charms for a great price! Each bag is themed but completely random styles within that theme.

Holo Party - 10 Pieces - includes a blend of the most stunning Holographic Charms we have!

Pastel Party - 10 Pieces - includes a blend of the cutest Pastel Charms out! 

Mega Pastel Party - 16 Pieces - includes even more of the cutest Pastel Charms we have!

Kitchen Sink - 10 Pieces - includes a crazy blend of anything and everything in our store at a deeply discounted rate! 

Holo M&M's - 20 Pieces - includes a stunning array of Holographic M&M charms in beautiful tones.

Tropical Ambrosia - 10 Pieces - includes a realistic array of tropical fruits like banana, dragonfruit, kiwi and pineapple.

Bread Basket - 10 Pieces - includes the best bread charms on the market!

Fruit Fusion - 10 Pieces - includes an awesome blend of soft silicone charms in cute fruit styles.

Kawaii Delight - 10 Pieces - includes the most delightful blend of Kawaii style candies in bright, fun colors.



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