Ice Cream Slime Collection

Ice Cream Slime Collection
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Sample your favorite Ice Cream Slime in the cutest container ever! Each 2 oz Ice Cream Slime has its own unique scent and texture and comes in the adorable container that is airtight!  

Pink - Summer Sorbet Cloud Slime
Bright Pink/Blue/Purple Cloud Slime / Scented Fresh Fruit Sorbet

Yellow - Bubble Gum Slay Slime  
Pink Slay Slime with Pastel Foam Beads / Scented Bubble Gum Ice Cream

Blue - Sugar Cookie Cloud Dough Slime with Rainbow Sprinkles
Light Beige Cloud Slime with Sprinkles / Scented Sugar Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Purple- Vanilla Butter Slime with Sprinkles
White & Purple Swirled Butter Slime / Scented Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream

White- Mint Chip Snow Butter Slime w/ Black Chunky Glitter
Mint Colored Snow Butter Slime w/ Black Glitter / Scented Mint Chip Ice Cream

Each Slime is $3.99 BUT if you buy 4 you get the 5th FREE! Must purchase listing that says "Get One of Each" for $15.99


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