Small Pastel Foam Beads - 8 Colors

Small Pastel Foam Beads - 8 Colors


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Availability:   Ready to Ship

Availability:   Ready to Ship

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These pastel foam beads are highly sought after for Slime! We offer a small kit or a large kit for your convenience. The small kit is perfect for the casual Slimer who wants to take their Slime to the next level and the large kit is great for Slime shops or people who like to save money buying in bulk.

Bead Size - Each individual bead is approximately .08-.15 inch, these are considered "Small Foam Beads"

Individual Bag Dimensions 
Small Kit - 3 inches x 4 inches 
Large Kit - 5 inches x 8 inches

Small Kit has 8 Colors - 2 g per color - 16g total - approx 4 cups 
Large Kit has 8 Colors - 10 g per color - 80g total - approx 20 cups

Each Kit includes the following colors

Soft Pink
Light Yellow
Sea Foam Green
Robins Egg Blue
Pastel Rainbow x2



Our Foam Beads are made with Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly paint and are dried in a way that helps retain their coloring. Even with this process Foam Beads may bleed color if you add them at the wrong stage. We advise that you do not add them to wet glue or before you use fragrance oils. We recommend you first scent, activate and then let your Slime sit for 12-24 hrs before you add Foam Beads.

Never let foam beads come in direct contact with oils, it will strip all color off Foam Beads. If your Slime recipe has a considerable amount of baby oil, fragrance oil or any other oily type of substance your Foam Beads may always bleed.

Foam Beads are best in Basic School Glue recipes that aren’t heavy with oily fillers. They are not recommended in Cloud Slimes as Cloud Slimes are extremely water heavy and the moisture from the instant snow will eventually dissolve the child safe paint off beads. Also Glue All & Clear Glue Recipes react different to the paint on Foam Beads and can strip color off faster than Basic School Glue, so use with caution in those recipes.

As always we hope you enjoy your Kawaii Slime purchase! We are always here to help, if you have additional questions about Slime or this product contact