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Pitaya Milk Cap Drink Slime

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This stunning Slime is a staff favorite here at Kawaii Slime Company and for good reason. Its vibrant pink hue will mesmerize your eyes and its sweet, juicy scent will make your mouth water. Pitaya Milk Cap Slime was inspired by the popular Hong Kong tea shops where they take Pitaya (dragonfruit) and top it with a cream cheese milk cap to create and sweet yet slightly salty drink. Each Pitaya Milk Cap Slime comes with an insert inside to separate the white "milk cap" Slime from the pink "pitaya" Slime. Once you get the Slime, pop the insert out of the container and then you can combine both textures to create a brand new Slime texture! Or if you prefer, you can play with each Slime separately, it's up to you!