Sprinkle Party Faux Sprinkle Set - 4 Types

Sprinkle Party Faux Sprinkle Set - 4 Types
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This Faux Sprinkle kit is too Kawaii! It includes 4 of our most popular styles of Classic Faux Sprinkles. You get 25 g of each kind of Sprinkle for a combined weight of 100 g! This is A LOT of Sprinkles, perfect for Slime Shops or the casual Slimer who wants to save money buying in bulk.

There are 2 options of Boxes to choose from:

PREMIUM BOX - Includes Re-usable Heart Shaped Slime Containers
STANDARD BOX - Just Includes the Sprinkles - NO Heart Containers

This KIT includes 25 g each of the following Sprinkle style:

  • Classic Party Sprinkles
  • Rainbow Party Sprinkles
  • Pink Party Sprinkles 
  • Neon Party Sprinkles