What is your shipping policy?

We currently ship Worldwide. All delivery times and costs are calculated at checkout.


Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

We at Kawaii Slime Company are obsessed with Slime and we want you to be too! We stand by our product and want you to know that if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase please contact us and we will come up with a solution! 

- Contact us within 7 days of receiving your slime at help@kawaiislimecompany.com
- Slime Products may be returned depending on the nature of problem. Contact us and we will work it out together!
- Slime Supplies & Toys have a 30 Day Return Policy. Return unopened and unused item for a full refund (minus shipping costs).


Slime Issues? Have no fear!

Most Slime issues can be quickly solved in a snap.

Check out our Tips & Tricks below to see if your Slime problem can be solved that way.


My Slime is sticky!

Oh No! No one hates sticky slime more than we do! Spray your activator once onto your Slime and then knead thoroughly. Continue this process until you reach your preferred consistency. Be careful not to spray too much as it is much easier to over activate Slime than it is to fix over activated Slime.


My Slime has a wet feeling to it!

Then you are probably playing with a Cloud Slime! Cloud Slime naturally has a wet feeling to it because of the instant snow powder added to it and it is recommended you do not add anything to your Slime but if you feel the need to “dry” it up a bit add a tiny bit of baby powder or corn starch and then knead thoroughly.


My Slime feels tough!

We have a strict quality control on all of our slimes and only send Slime out that has been perfectly activated but if you have found that your slime for some reason is tough this could be due to a few reasons. During transit it could have experienced temperature changes which changed its consistency, let it come up to room temperature first and then gauge how your Slime feels. If it still feels tough follow these simple steps:

Butter Slime - Add a tiny bit of glue or lotion and knead thoroughly

Classic Slime - Add a tiny bit of glue and knead thoroughly

Clear Slime - Add a tiny bit of clear glue or water and knead thoroughly

Cloud Slime - Add a tiny bit of glue or instant snow powder and knead t thoroughly

Crunchy Slime - Add a tiny bit of clear glue and knead thoroughly

Glossy Slime - Add a tiny bit of glue or baby oil and knead thoroughly