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Monthly Subscription Box
  • Monthly Subscription Box
  • Monthly Subscription Box
  • Monthly Subscription Box
  • Monthly Subscription Box
3-month prepay plan$85.00
$10 gift card to our storeFREE
6-month prepay plan$160.00
$20 gift card to our storeFREE
12-month prepay plan$300.00
$40 gift card to our storeFREE
Billed Each Month:
Billed Once:
Billed Once:
Billed Once:
Month to Month Subscription Auto Renews
Cancel anytime.

Can't Get Enough of Slime?

This box was made for you! Each month your themed box will arrive in your mailbox with the cutest Slime and the most adorable themed toys we could find, which will keep you a busy jellyfish all month long! We include 1 Kawaii Slime Company designed Slime and 1 undesigned Slime which you can embellish with the included Slime supplies in your box. Each of the Kawaii Toys have been thoughtfully chosen to match the box theme and to be super Kawaii. We love Slime just as much as you do and we think you'll love each box just as much as we love making it!


When will my box arrive?

If you are a new monthly subscriber, your box should arrive to you in approximately 7-10 days after you place your subscription order. We ship all boxes within 3-5 business days after you sign up and they typically arrive in another 3-5 business days.

If you are a current monthly subscriber your subscription box will arrive in your mailbox every 33-39 days from the day you signed up. Ex: If you sign up on the 15th of January you can expect your next box around February 18th. If its been over 40 days since you have received your box please reach out to our customer care team at subscription@kawaiislimecompany.com

International Orders : We will ship your box within 3 - 5 days of your subscription date but delivery time will entirely depend on the shipping speed you selected at checkout. Most international orders take anywhere from 7-21 days to arrive AFTER your subscription date.

When will I receive my gift card?

You will be emailed your Gift Card Code within 30-45 days from the purchase of your Pre-Pay Plan.

Can I see what will be inside the next months box?

We like to keep the element of surprise with our boxes so we don't release the specific items in advance but we do list the next months unique theme. You can always expect the same high quality Slimes, Slime supplies and Toys in each box. We do not recycle the same themes in a 12 month period, nor do we recycle the same exact Slime, Supplies or Toys within a 12 month period. You can rest assured each box will be completely different and completely unique month to month.

How do I Cancel?

Pre-Paid Plans

Our pre-paid plans were created to offer the customer a discount plus free gift in exchange for pre-paying, since we cannot recoup the free gift or discount back once its given, we cannot offer cancellations, returns or refunds for any of our pre-paid plans.

Prepaid plans are only billed once at the start of your subscription and you will not receive any other charges.

Month to Month

If you are on our Month to Month plan then head over to our website and log into your account.

Monthly auto renewing Subscriptions can be canceled at any time. Here's how:

1. Log into your account HERE

2. Under your Account Details Click "Manage Subscriptions"

3. From here you can choose to either cancel your Subscription or Skip a Month.

Please note: If you've already been billed for this month's box, your cancellation will take effect in the next billing cycle.

1. Choose a reason why from the drop down menu.

2. Click please cancel my subscription.

Alternatively you may cancel anytime by emailing subscription@kawaiislimecompany.com with your account details.

Can I skip a month?

Yes you certainly can! If a certain box theme is not for you or maybe you just need a little break we have made is easy for you to skip a month. Log into your store account and from there you can skip your next month's box.

How much is shipping?

US Orders - Shipping has been included into the cost of the box! No other outside shipping fee is charged to your card.

International Orders - Unfortunately costs to ship packages overseas is too great for us to include free shipping for International orders but if you would like a monthly box you may purchase your subscription or prepay plan and your card will be charged any relevant weight based shipping fee for your box for each month you are subscribed.

My box and/or some of its contents arrived damaged?

An item is damaged: Oh no! Please send photos of the damaged goods to our customer care team at subscription@kawaiislimecompany.com and we will work to send you a replacement item.

Every item in the box is damaged: Oh no! Please send photos of the damaged box and damaged items to our customer care team at subscription@kawaiislimecompany.com and we will work to send you replacement items, an entire box, or a refund on a case-by-case basis.

Which month's box will I get when I sign up?

Whatever month you sign up in will be the month's box you receive. For example, if you sign up between January 1st and January 31st you will receive a January box.


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