KSC Exclusive Fragrance Oils

KSC Exclusive Fragrance Oils


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Kawaii Slime Company prides itself on the fragrances they use in their Slime recipes. After overwhelming requests to release the exact fragrances we use in our best selling Slime recipes we now offer them to you for an amazing price! Scenting your Slime is one of the most important aspects in the Slime making process. All too often a Slimer will buy a dozen fragrances only to end up with 1 bottle that smells good. You will never have that issue with any of the scents we offer as they are all amazing! We have vetted each and every fragrance ourselves and feel confident you will love your purchase.

We recommend that our oils be used with adult supervision!

Our Fragrances are all blended from Premium Skin Grade quality oils and can be a used in a variety of bath and body applications and also to scent candles! For Slime use, we recommend that you add scent inside your recipe and mix with a kitchen stand mixer or wear gloves and not let oils get directly on your hands. 

Each Bottle is 2 oz



This smells exactly like unwrapping an Ice Cream Sandwich! Notes of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and a doughy-cake like finish.

White Grape

Sweet sugary green grapes that give a slightly tart yet refreshingly smooth aroma.

Sweet Tea

Reminiscent of Lipton's brewed tea, a bright citrusy lemon with a smooth black tea finish.

Melon Creamy Soda

Ripe melon sweetened with honey & vanilla cream with notes of effervescent bubbles that tickle your nose. Complex & unique!

Melon Pan

Ripe melon combined with the most buttery sweet bread dough.

Ramune Soda

Just like the popular drink in Japan! A soft lemon-lime aroma that is super fizzy. Can be used as a dupe for 7-Up or Sprite.

Egyptian Cotton

A warm, luxourious scent that gives a comforting feeling. Notes of sea salt, almond milk, jojoba and coconut. 

Black Raspberry

A complex black raspberry scent that has notes of ripe black raspberry, plum and rounded out with a bit of vanilla! One of our favorite oils!

Tropical Ambrosia

An incredible oil that has many uses inside fruit inspired Slimes. There are an array of fruit fragrances inside this bottle like apple, mandarin orange, cherry, pineapple, marshmallow cream & to round it out, a slight nuance of coconut!

Sweet Cheeks

We wanted to offer a "girly", sweet smelling, soft perfume type of fragrance that would do well across many "girly" inspired Slimes. This one is perfect! Sweet Cheeks has notes of spun sugar, cherry, bergamot, fig and vanilla. 

Funnel Cake

Just like the name! You can smell the fried dough and unlike other funnel cake scents on the market, ours actually has "powdered sugar" notes! This fragrance oil really smells realistic and will have you craving the real thing.


The best vanilla we have found! Vanilla fragrance oils either smell too buttery or too artificial. We wanted a vanilla fragrance that smelled like a true vanilla bean. This vanilla is perfect on its own or to blend with other scents! Add a splash of this to any of our scents in our store to create a "creamier" version of the oil.