Chase Kellebrew



Where are you from?

Manhattan New York

How long have you been doing Slime for?

I’ve been selling and making slime for 2 years as of December 28th!

How did you get started in Slime?

The first time I ever made slime was with my best friend! We would make basic slime for hours and keep it for ourselves to play with. When I noticed slime shops on Instagram, I eventually started my account and later, started my own shop! 

What is your favorite type of Slime and why?

My favorite slime texture is butter slime because it is super soft and stretchy and the most stress relieving and relaxing texture in my opinion. I also like butter slime because there are lots of different variations of the texture! The type and amount of clay in the slime can create unique textures that are fun to experiment with! 

What do you love most about having a Slime shop?

What I love most about owning a slime shop is being able to brainstorm and create slimes and see customers post them and seeing how happy it makes them! 

What was the most surprising thing that owning a Slime Shop has taught you about entrepreneurship?

Running a slime shop has taught me that in a business there are lots of ups and downs and you need to always work on improving your shop to grow. My shop has also shown me that there’s so much work involved in owning a business and has given me lots of respect for other business owners.

What was your most memorable “tough” learning experience regarding your Slime business?

My most memorable tough experience is when I first started selling and getting lots of sales I was not prepared for the number of orders I started getting so I had to quickly search for all my shipping and packaging supplies, and quickly buy a mixer because I did not have one at the time. I had to stay up packaging orders until 1 am every night and make tons of slimes each week. It was very overwhelming until I started to become more experienced and now I have an efficient way of running my shop. 

What is your most favorite Slime you have made? Was it a good seller?

My favorite slime I’ve ever made is my Vanilla Bean Noel thick and glossy slime. It’s a white thick and glossy slime topped with green foam beads and scented like vanilla bean noel. It’s my favorite because it has a unique thick texture that I’m really proud of because I’ve never felt anything else like it. It also won first place thick slime at Slime Bash 2 in Connecticut! It’s also one of my bestsellers and always a fan favorite with great reviews!

What do your friends and family think of your Slime business?

My friends and family are very supportive of my slime business! Lots of my friends have even bought slime from me. They think it’s so cool that I have my own business at such a young age and of course they all love to play with slime too!

Do you have any helpers or staff to help you?

My mom helps me package orders and comes with me to every convention to help travel and sell at my booth! Besides that, I run every aspect of the business myself!

About how many Slimes have you sold?

Between online sales and selling in person at conventions I’ve sold over 4,000 slimes!

What do you typically do with your earnings? Re-invest back into the business? Help your family? Spend most of it? Etc

I use my earnings to invest back into my business to travel for conventions and buy supplies to come out with new and improved slimes! Occasionally I do spend money on myself.

How long do you plan to do Slime for?

I plan on continuing slime as long as I can! I don’t think slime will ever lose popularity, and the community is always growing! If I did lose interest maybe I’d stop but I don’t think I ever will!

Has Slime opened any doors of opportunity for you? Ex: traveled? Met certain people? etc

Slime has given me so many opportunities! I’ve been able to attend 15+ conventions and given me the chance to travel the country for events in California, Texas, Florida and more! I’ve also had the chance to meet so many amazing people and make great friends in the slime community! I also had the opportunity to be a slimer in residence at Sloomoo Institute, the first-ever slime experience in New York City!

If you weren’t doing Slime right now, what other business would you like to do?

If I wasn’t doing slime I don’t think I’d have another business! I never considered running a business before slime, and I don’t have any other ideas right now!

What is the best advice you can give to an upcoming Slime shop?

My best advice to an upcoming slime shop is to not get discouraged if your shop isn’t as successful as you’d like! It took me months to get my first sale and I didn’t give up! Keep posting, being active, and making new creations! If you enjoy slime don’t focus on sales too much! Eventually, you’ll grow to where you want to be!

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  • 11 Dec 2019 Hailey Vigil

    I love your slimes so much.

  • 11 Dec 2019 Eileen

    Hi KSC! I love your slimes. You inspired me to start my own slime shop! Slime has now become my passion

  • 11 Dec 2019 Sophia

    Hi kawaii slime company!
    I want to start my own online slime shop but due to Coronavirus my parents are concerned got advice??

  • 11 Dec 2019 Lusanda

    Dear KSC I’ve always wanted to start a slime shop with my friends but I first wanted it to go online and I haven’t really found the right place to build my website any ideas???

  • 11 Dec 2019 Jairy Pena

    Hi I love slime and Kawaii and I found your slime I love you guys I wish to buy from you but I don’t have money. My birth day was March 21 and I did got nothing only $30 maybe I can buy something with it but I don’t know on what. Please read this 😔🥺

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