Kawaii Slime Show 2019 Our 1st Slime Convention!

Kawaii Slime Show 2019 Our 1st Slime Convention!

  • roxanne r
  • 06 Mar 2020

We had a BLAST hosting our first ever Slime Convention in Anaheim, Ca on July 6th 2019! Over 75 Slime Vendors and 2500 attendees from all of the world showed up to the Hilton Anaheim to celebrate Slime. There was more than just selling Slime, we had a fun sensory lounge, FREE Slime making station, social media classes, photography classes, live music by DJ Livia and even slime photo booth installations. If that wasn't enough...we also were steps away from Disneyland. It was a weekend to remember and we hope to do it again one day!

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  • 06 Mar 2020 Hettie

    Hello 👋 I love your slimes I see loads of unboxings on YouTube and they are amazing I’ve always wanted to have one of your slimes! It was my birthday 3 weeks ago so I’m going to try get one! Sincerely Hettie

  • 06 Mar 2020 Zahra

    Hi! I ❤ all ur slimes!! I really wanted to go to the slime convention last year, but we couldn’t because it was too far. But I hope you host another soon! Plz do!! Love, Zahra

  • 06 Mar 2020 Norah

    I love slime but my little sis witch is two will take it make a mess and then its in the trash plus i only have five bucks

  • 06 Mar 2020 Sophia Zhou

    I just purchased from your slime shop and I am soooooo so happy that I ordered. Can’t wait to get the package!

  • 06 Mar 2020 LIly

    I love your slimes so much I would dream so go to the slime show I love ur slimes I don’t have the money to bye it though because my mum said I have to bye it I really want one of your slimes lots of love lily

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