Up-cycle Slime! Take Old Slime & Make It Cool!

Up-cycle Slime! Take Old Slime & Make It Cool!

  • roxanne r
  • 04 Mar 2020

We made a fun Youtube Tutorial to show you how you can take any old melted Clear Slime and turn it into a glitter calming jar! These glitter calming jars are so relaxing and fun to display on your shelf. Not only are they gorgeous but these can be made with 100% Up-Cycled Slime ingredients!

Most toys on the market (legos, barbies, video games etc) are not biodegradable or things you should just toss in the trash. Much like these toys, you should always try to reuse or repurpose Slime, or at the very minimum discard Slime in a thoughtful way.

Slime doesn't have to be wasteful if you put some effort into repurposing the Slime when you are done with it. Most Slime jars are recyclable and reusable and a great way to hold craft items. Old charms can be glued onto a phone case to make them more Kawaii. Old Clear Slime can be turned into a glitter calming jar. And old Butter Slimes can be used to make clay figurines! Before you discard your Slime away always remember these best practices regarding Slime and the environment.

Old Slime - Best Practices


Contrary to what most people think...PVA Glue IS biodegradable! BUT if your Slime contains pva glue and other non biodegradable substances like glitter, charms or foam beads then it will not be biodegradable anymore. Unless your Slime is a very basic Slime recipe we do not recommend throwing your Slime in the trash. Always try and repurpose it or reuse it. 


Most Slime comes packaged in jars that are either cosmetic or food grade. By checking the number on the bottom of the jar you can determine a lot of things! Whether or not it's recyclable or if the plastic is food safe. Once you determine what type of plastic your jar is, you can then reuse or recycle the jar. Slime jars are an awesome way to hold craft materials, spices, tools or small parts. 


We never recommend to put Slime down the drain! It could potentially cause a structural block in your pipes but it is also not good for our environment. Since most things that go down the drain end up to our oceans, we NEVER recommend discarding Slime down your drains. 


So what do you do with old Slime? Unless its extremely dirty or unsanitary, Slime can be reactivated and reused indefinitely! You don't need to toss it every time you get a new Slime. You can also try and repurpose old Slime into something new, much like our video tutorials show you. We also are a big fan of taking any clay heavy Slime and making cool figurines out of them. Old Slime can even be turned into art! We have seen people decorate a canvas and create art with old Slime, its a unique and wonderful medium that can create tons of texture on a canvas. 

We cherish the art medium of Slime! We think its unique ability to provide a fun, therapeutic sensory experience for all people young and old is something we would like to see stick around. By doing our part, we can make sure of that. We also love witnessing the Slime movement exposing young kids to the wonderful world of crafting arts and we want to push these young Slime entrepreneurs to do business responsibly. 

What are some ways you repurpose or reuse Slime? Comment Below!

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  • 04 Mar 2020 tia

    Love this!

  • 04 Mar 2020 sophea

    i love how you made that with old melted slime

  • 04 Mar 2020 Ella

    I love these cute slime’s! keep making these awesome slime, I have to agree that I was never good at making slime, these slime are cute and worth the money!

  • 04 Mar 2020 Jack

    Can you send me your slimes

  • 04 Mar 2020 Jac

    Can you send me your slime

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